Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Mom and Reese KaiJin at the children's park

Walking down the main street (she had to hold her own bag)

Goofy....yes, part of Mom's head is cut off, but hey.

Need Avon? Taiyuan's got it.

That is a Tupperware store, that pink thing.

You know 2 year olds, they have to move everything around. Here she's moving her books.

Putting them in the bag...

Passed out on the foot off the bed last night.

She is thoroughly addicted to Tang. We dilute it.

Seconds before, Jin-Jin and I had our fingers laced...

You know a kid LOVES dumplings when they will eat them cold and about an hour old. Just the thought makes me gag, but then again, that doesn't take much this morning. I woke up at about 3 this morning and threw up last night's dinner...and I'm pretty sure the rest of it has come out the other end. We don't know if it was the ketchup or if I managed to get water in my mouth last night when Reese was trying to drown me. LOL. Either way, the vertical position isn't agreeing with me right now, so I'm typing this nearly flat on my back. So I'm sorry for any spelling errors. We had a much better night last night, first, she passed out at the foot of the bed after her bath, and then woke up a little while later, but fell asleep again after Mom walked up and down the halls with her. Then she woke up again and wanted in the baby bed. It's like her little spot. There's Jie Jie Monica's bed, and Mama's bed, and Jin-Jin's bed. She likes to just sit in it and be cute.

I personally think she may be kind of lactose intolerant. She had stomach troubles after she was drinking those yogurt drinks and a little after we had ice cream. But she doesn't seem to be as bad as I am.

Right now, she's goofing off and eating raisins off the floor. Gasp, we only have maybe 1 box left. LOL. Jin-Jin is a bottomless pit. She's like a teenage boy is a 2 year old girl's body. It's pretty funny actually.


A 5 time mom said...

I am sorry you are sick, but it is neat to see how you all are doing.

Beckie (mom to Lana PWS)

Charlotte said...

Hope all is well soon Monica ! You are a trooper ! I don't know if you remember but I thought Riley was lactose intolerant too, but he wasn't. There are lots of foods Reese is trying for the first time, especially all the milk products that actually have any really milk in it, not the watered down kinds, lol. Even at home, Riley didn't do well with all the milk subsitutes, then one day he got over it ! Reese, is so so cute ! Raeghan and Riley can't wait to meet the other R's of the group !!! Enjoy a quiet day in !

Charlotte, Rebekka, Raeghan, Riley and soon Rachael !


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