Thursday, May 31, 2007

Last Day in Taiyuan

Me and Reese this morning.

She loves that long as she's in that outfit.

Jin-Jin in the bath last night

Playing with the faucet

Cutie in her overalls and Classic Pooh brand shirt.
A-Dor-Able in action.

I am feeling much better today. Still a little down, but better than what I was. No more pukey-feeling-ness for the moment. I've finished a 600 ml bottle of Sprite and am currently munching on some Ritz crackers from the whatever-the-heck-it-is grocery store next door. Yummy.

Mom had to walk around Taiyuan yesterday without me and carry Reese KaiJin. Now, she's saying, man, I should've bought that stroller at Wal-Mart. Mom's getting the best workout of her life carrying around a 22 lb. 2 year old. A 2 year old who is also a bottomless pit and is all 'go-go-go'. She just wants to go somewhere and go somewhere. It's so cute. Mom's like 'I'm about to diiiiiiiiieeeee.....'. hehe.

One of Jin-Jin's scabs is starting to come off. And she took a bath last night (while I was passed out with the assistance of Phenergan) and apparently it wasn't bad. Not that I would know because I was dead to the world.

Anyway, we leave for Guangzhou at 2:30 this afternoon (about 1:30 in the morning in AR). We leave the hotel for the the airport at 12:30 here. I can't wait to get there. There will be soooooooooooo much more to do.

Mom wants me to call Dad and let him know I'm feeling better but Jin-Jin has stolen my cell and is staring at my background of Chen Le going 'meow...meow'...

She also sings a lot...we have no clue if they're songs she's been taught or songs she's making up as she goes along. LOL.


Sarah Lu's Jie Jie said...

Awww! Reese looks like she's adjusting great! She loves her Jie Jie!!!!
How exciting that you're going on to Guangzhou today... I love Guangzhou! What hotel are you staying at? Make sure to buy lots of squeaky shoes... they are the best!!
Reese is sooo tiny! Sarah is 32 lbs at almost 3! LOL :)
I hope and pray Reese's adjustments and bonding continue to go well!!

Yes, Minister... said...

I was so excited to get home and check out your blog! Reese is beautiful! It seems from the pictures that she is transitioning to your family well and she seems happy in the pictures. Sorry that you have not been feeling well.

A 5 time mom said...

she is just adorable and I love your descriptions.

Beckie (mom to Lana PWS)


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