Friday, June 1, 2007

Hello from Guangzhou!

"I'm cute and I know it...and I use it to my every advantage."

In the White Swan hotel room

Close up. The scabs are starting to come off.

Jin-Jin's first flight.

Loves the little dish set we got her (okay, Mom got her while I was passed out) at the free market

She loves making funny faces. She's such a ham chop.

Kinda sad picture from outside our window at the white swan. After Mom gets back with the camera, I'll take some with all the neon lights on. So pretty-ful.

Kai Jin with the ever-present 'meow'
She eventually managed to pop off one of those prongs...

I think it was right about then...

She loved playing with the fork.

Eating *gag* cabbage. Kiddo is a garbage disposal, I swear. Her and my cat, Elsie, will get along fine. Provided Reese will share.
Trying to steal my camera...she loves to look at the pictures.

You have no idea quite how happy we are to say that. Apparently, since I haven't eaten since Wednesday night, EVERYTHING sounds good. So we are ordering in from Danny's Bagel... a 12-inch cheese pizza, 2 cokes, some mac-and-cheese, and french fries (with ketchup packets) for about $20. Not bad when you think they're delivering. First I was just craving cheese pizza...and then I noticed the mac-and-cheese and it was ALL over. The french fries are more or less for Jin-Jin. She ate some of mine at the Shanxi Grand so we think she'll like them.

We're at the White Swan and NO ONE emphasizes quite how beautiful it is. It is so pretty. I don't have any pictures right now, but hey, we just got here and it's a miracle I'm posting because my head HURTS. But I think the Tylenol is kicking in. Thank God.

Kiddo has to visit every potty in China we have established. And she will eat anything. She at cabbage and onion on the flight from Taiyuan to Guangzhou. Ewww....

We are in room 1402 if anyone cares to know that information.

We finally thought to ask how to say birthmark in Chinese as we were leaving Taiyuan because at the free market (while Monica was trying to get across with my highly-more-advanced-than-Mom's Chinese skills how many beach towels we wanted. I got a Naruto one. *happy dance*) what happened to her and we couldn't quite get across that she's always had it. So guys, here's how you say it: tai (first tone) chi/qi (4th tone). Tai means birth.

Jumping subjects again: we have a gorgeous view of the harbor, we think it is. All the neon lights that just recently came on are so pretty.

Mom wanted me to take a shower this morning and I was like: Mom, if I'm gonna get sick from water and puke my guts up again, it's not happening until Guangzhou. So after dinner, I intend to take a shower-without a certain two-year-old, cute as she is.

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Charlotte said...

Raeghan and Riley and I love watching ya'll in GZ now ! Enjoy Danny's Bagels and the good life in GZ ! Can't wait to see you at the airport !


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