Sunday, June 3, 2007

Chen Family Temple

Embroidery at the Chen family home

Kai Jin and the porcelain (I think) cat


In the courtyard outside the Chen Family Home

Door Guardian Painting

Playing with the bracelet that the people at Sherry's Place gave her

In the museum at the Chen Family Home

At dinner last night

In the bath tub last night

Asleep this morning

Chen Family Temple

We went to the Chen Family Temple/Academy and it was HOT. I think we all would've enjoyed it more if we hadn't been melting to death. Very beautiful place though. And the fans they had set up were quite pretty our dear little melting faces.

We're going to the jade factory this afternoon. Actually we have to meet our group on the 2nd floor in about 45 minutes. Should be fun.

Dinner last night was great. At least what I had was, and Kai Jin reaffirmed the fact that she is a bottomless pit.

We bought about 10 name paintings for Y 35 at Dragon's Hometown, and we are having me a dress made at Jennifer's Place for Y 390. It's black with red dragon print. We are also getting some little orbs that the paintings are done inside the balls for Y 15 a piece, but they're getting names painted in them. That's all for now.


...... said...

Cheryl and Monica,

I am so happy that Reese likes her crocs and that they fit. You guys have done a great job keeping everyone updated. I love seeing all of the pictures. See you soon! Paula

Jamie said...

I am so happy that Monica is feeling better and Reese just looks so happy with the two of you. She is just a beautiful and sweet as I remember her being. I told you the traffic in there was scarry!! I just held Gretchens arm and closed my eyes!!
Take care
Jamie Brooks


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