Saturday, June 2, 2007

Ni hao!

Reese in her stroller

I think that's a church.

Avery Nan Rui, known as Nan Rui, with his MaMa, Molly

She hated this part. That light...poor baby...that eye is light sensitive.

The entrance to the exam place

Play room

Unhappy kiddo waiting for her exam

At the ENT section of the Exam


Reese and Nan Rui's Grandma playing.

Me and Reese playing with a ball in the Swan Room

She LOVES balls!

Cookie Monster!

She has sooo much fun in the play room. Too bad it's only open from 7:30 am to 10:30 pm. Of course, we're not having those crazy late nights anymore.

Loving life in the Play Room

Eating my french fries

Trying to feed me my corn cob


She found her Going Home Barbie
She thinks it would be fun. I'm not sure I want her to open it and Mom's like, 'it's her's' and I'm sitting here like, 'she's 2'

Jie Jie and Mei Mei

Love that congee

She thinks she's so big, eating all by herself.

3 out of 4 pairs of squeaky shoes we got her.

Her 4 dresses: size Medium, 10, 6, and 8.
The medical went as well as can be expected. Jin-Jin cried and was altogether not happy. They kept asking us 'do you have any medical paperwork on her? From before you come here?' and we're like 'no, it's all at home. We weren't told to bring any, but we knew about her "condition" from base 1'. But anyway, we got through it. And it started pouring down rain while we were in the exam, so we got to walk back to the hotel in light rain.

We shopped some. We did some before the exam time at Sherry's, where we are currently borrowing a stroller from, and will buy one when they get more in later, and we got 3 qipao style dresses (pink w/ light pink, red w/gold, and dark purple w/ gold florals) and a red outfit with the poofy tutu skirt. So cute. And the final count was 4 pairs of squeaky shoes/sandals. I only have pictures of 3 because the other pair is on her feet, which are connected to her body which is asleep in the stroller downstairs in our guide's room with Mom. :)

We also went to Jordan's Place and they did a free beautiful calligraphy painting of her English name 'Reese', made of the characters for 'excellent' and 'charming'. I would post a picture, but I have no clue where Mom stashed it to keep it away from small hands. We also bought 2 plush Asian girl dolls (Y 30, just below $4 a piece) , a set of Russian-style (I think) nesting panda bear things(Y 25, $3)..., and me a wooden music box with a raccoon on the top for decoration (Y 25 or just over $3). So pretty.

We ate at Lucy's and I had a grilled cheese sandwich, corn on the cob and french fries came with the grilled cheese. Reese had chicken congee (man, she DOWNED that), some chicken fried rice, and some of my french fries with ketchup. She only likes them with ketchup.

This evening, I believe we are venturing to Cow on the Bridge (?), a Thai restaurant not too far from here. Should be interesting. I've never had Thai.

Does anyone have a recommendation for where to get measured and have Chinese outfits custom made on Sha Mian? I know I've seen the China Silk Tailor or something like that (red with gold letters on the sign, just past the alley where Jennifer's, etc. is). We'd love to get me a dress or 2 made.

Tomorrow, we are going to the Chen Family Temple, and a Buddhist Temple for a blessing for Jin-Jin and Nan Rui. I think we are also going to the government jade factory.

LOL. I just found Yu-Gi-Oh! on TV...and it's in Chinese. This is hilarious.

Mom had to go to our guide's room to do paperwork for the Consulate so me and Kai Jin went to the play room for a while and played for a while. No big deal, she was fine and happy. Even when we were in the elevator and walking away from the room. Then she needed to go 'niao niao' after a little while and noticed Mom wasn't there. So we packed up and came back up the room. I was hoping she would fall asleep on the way. No such luck. We get to the room, come in, and she realizes MaMa is not there. She starts crying a little, but no where NEAR the hissy fit she had the other day. She just turns to me with a few tears and goes 'MaMa?' and I go and open the door back up and back her up in her stroller and go 'okay, we'll go find MaMa'. So we go down to the guide's room and I explained and I think we were there not even 5 minutes before she passed out. She was a tired baby. So I am back up in the room, with it ALLLLL to myself. LOL. But she was okay with Jie Jie. She's getting more friendly with me and I'm getting to be more and more to her. I can't wait until she's figured out she's never leaving our family. I'm not leaving and she's not leaving. End of story. No more shifting families and MaMa's and Ge Ge's and Nai Nai's, etc. We're all here to stay.

Oh, and in good news, she laid down and fell asleep on her own last night. And stayed asleep. She also only went through one sippy cup of diluted opposed to 3. And I don't think Mom had to get up and take her to the potty. Down side is: she slept on the floor on the baby bed comforter in between our two beds and with the TV on. Oh, boy. But that was the best night's rest she had in a while. Our guide asked her if she slept well and she nodded fervently. Adorable.


Stacey said...


I had a jacket made for me at a shop in the White Swan. It was very expensive, but at least it fit. (I'm not small....) Later, we went to a silk factory and others in our group had things made there. Ask your guide. You'll have to do it fast because they need a few days to make it. One of the dresses you bought for Reese (red with fancy skirt) is my daughter's dance costume! I paid $40 for it here. Argh...I wish I would have bought one in China! I'm so glad I bought a lot of dresses for my girls in various sizes. They are set well into their teenage years. The cow restaurant was my very favorite. Did you like it? I also enjoyed getting off the island and eating from local street vendors. We had chicken feet on a stick one day. Fun!!! I hope you are having a lot of fun! Hugs and kisses to Reese from me!

Charlotte said...

Will get my friend Cynthia to email me, she knows someone who did some stuff for her ! Don't forget to get the etchings done too ! Ask Sherry, she will do anything for you ! She is awesome ! DON'T OPEN THE BARBIE ! It is a collector's item girl !


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