Monday, June 4, 2007

Hello again

In the dress Nai Nai (paternal grandma) gave her. Dad, you need to show this to Grandma.

"I wanna go eat, Jie Jie!"

Yeah, that's my shirt she's tugging on.

Rabid baby!!!! LOL, kidding. That's her laughing her butt off while eating yogurt. She LOVES yogurt. And she was tired which makes making her laugh easier.

She was giggling so hard she nearly fell into my camera.

She has the most infectious laugh.

No new pictures from today because I am feeling lazy and yesterday at the government run jade shop there were 'no pictures'. So...

Jin-Jin is doing great, so hyper and happy. The Dad in our group, David, had a birthday yesterday so the kids (Jin-Jin and Nan Rui) had cake. Can you say BOUNCING OFF THE WALLS? Reese KaiJin was literally running around in was so funny. We ate dinner at the barbecue place down by pool and it was really good. Expensive, but good. And it was lightening because of the storm to the south and that was really pretty and the breeze was to die for.

The heat here is darn near suffocating at times. No air movement at all. I told Mom if we came back we were coming back to visit Guangzhou in like February when it's not so stifling.

We're going to the pearl market this afternoon after the red couch picture. We already bought pearls yesterday at the government jade store (we're not stone specialists....we're not entirely picky over whether or not the jade is "top quality"...we just don't want the paint chipping off of the're not that bad.) I got a gray and white pearl bracelet and a gray colored pearl ring. Mom got herself a bracelet and a white pearl ring. And we got Reese a absolutely gorgeous pearl bracelet for when she is about my age that is gray and white and the pearl shapes are very irregular. I told Mom I picked it (she let me pick Reese's) because "to someone else the pearls may not be perfect, but to me, they are perfectly beautiful, like Jin-Jin". Mom's like "you're gonna make me cry again". It's an absolutely beautiful bracelet. We're more going to the pearl market for the experience. We probably won't buy anything.

I bought me a cheap little jade horse at Susan's Place on a red thread for the chain for Y 45. I don't need a really fancy-smancy, as-awesome-as-jade-comes horse. I just wanted one. Most folks don't know the difference anyway. We may go back later and get Jin-Jin a jade monkey (her zodiac year, all too appropriate, and I'm a horse) for when she's older for a gotcha day present. We also bought 4 small paintings that are done by a guy on the side of the street with just his fingers and ink! They're really pretty. And I got a necklace that looks like the Buddhist prayer beads that my Global Regions teacher in the 9th grade had from her trip to China. Very pretty.

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Bryan said...

Sniff! Sniff! I teared up too! Monica, you're just too sweet!!

Can't wait to see you guys and meet Reese for the 1st time. Savannah's been so funny looking at the pictures and videos. As we're looking, she's constantly telling me "That's Reese!!!" I hope they end up good friends!

Missing you guys,
Kim, Bryan, Anna-Marie, & Savannah


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