Friday, June 1, 2007

funny stuff from Guangzhou

She thought this was hilarious.

It's a Kai Jin Cacoon!

She thought it was soooo funny.

There's that big cheesy grin!

And again!

View of the harbor. You can see our room in the reflection. I'll get around to taking a picture of the room eventually.


So beautiful.

That hotel just off to the left is apparently the hub of entertainment for all the lights and noise coming from it. It's the Jiang Yue Hotel.

More shiny. That's Reese in the reflection.

I just finished my shower (relatively privately), Kai Jin just finished her bath (quite funny since the tube is HUGE compared to Taiyuan) and she is now terrorizing Mom as she takes a shower. LOL. I can update from here, but for some weird reason, I can't view my blog or anyone else's on Blogger. *shrug* Obviously, people in the U.S.A. and elsewhere can view mine since I'm getting comments. But I can't get there. Oh, well. I can update at least.

We found out tonight that Reese KaiJin LOVES mac-and-cheese. In fact, she's sitting behind me eating it cold while Mom's in the shower. Also, in fact, she just came over here to have me wipe off her hands. She HATES for her hands or her nose to be dirty. Quite cute.

Anyway, some kinda sad pictures of the harbor through our needs-cleaned-terribly window and funny Jin-Jin after her bath.

And to whomever it was who told me 'niao niao' means 'bathroom' or something of the likes, THANK YOU! Sorry I can't remember who it was. Someone from Asia Blessings, I think. I'm translator half the time (she may want MaMa all the time, but without Jie Jie, MaMa would have little to no clue what she was asking for, etc. She doesn't catch 'niao niao' half the time), and Mom's the action-taker.

And Charlotte, how could you stay in the Victory with this won-der-ful water pressure in this shower? Oh my gosh, it is to die for...and the towels are MASSIVE! OMG. As Mom says they're more like bath sheets than bath towels.

Reese just babbles on and on and on and we're both at times like 'oh really?', no clue what she said. LOL. When it's important, we usually know what she's saying...or at least what she's getting at.

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