Friday, June 1, 2007

Somebody please tell me...

That a brand new stroller bought from Sherry's Place rolls better than the borrowed ones. Cause the one we are borrowing until the get some more in doesn't roll in a straight line very well. Maybe it's just operator error. I don't know. Mom thinks it's hard to push too.

We bought Jin-Jin 3 or 4 pairs of various squeaky shoes today and about 3 (I think) qipao style dresses (pink, red, and purple). And I'm sure we'll be going back, but we have our medical appointment today and we have to meet our guide downstairs in about 15 minutes. So this will be a short post.

By God, it is HOT. No air movement whatsoever. I almost wish it was raining because then SOME THING would move. The breakfast buffet was great. I went through 3 glasses of orange juice (yummy) and kiddo got some yogurt (via Mom) that she was very fond of and we bought her some more at the 7/11. We also met Sherry's cat.

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Charlotte said...

So glad you went to Sherry's ! Isn't she wonderful ! Tell her hi from me and tell her I'll be back in the winter time for Rachael ! Glad Reese is liking all the kitty cats ! She is truly a Davidson !!!


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