Monday, June 4, 2007

We have kisses!

At Cow And Bridge the other night...

With 1 day and 2 sleeps to go until we begin our journey home and leave China, Reese KaiJin came up to Mom and gave her KISSES! And then she gave me KISSES! And when we say 'I love you', she gets this hysterical, wide-eyed look and squeals, as Mom says, "like a hyena". LOL. It's too precious. All this time we've been giving her kisses and now she's giving them back! For anyone who has adopted an older child, you know what a thrill this is. It's just melts your heart like the first time they call you 'mama' or 'jie jie' or the first time she holds her hands up to you and wants you to hold her and carry her. Like tonight after her bath, she goes 'JIE JIE MONICA!' and I go in and I'm like 'what?' and she just holds her hands up with a big grin, like 'get me out'. So I pick her up and wrap her in these MASSIVE towels. And I dump her on the bed like we always do. She's giggling and squirming. And then, once she untangles herself, she holds her hands up again. And I get to carry around a naked 2 year old who, half the time, won't let me carry her to save her life, for the next 15 or 20 minutes, looking in the mirrors, looking out the window at the awesome laser display, or looking out the peephole in the door which she recently discovered. It's enough to melt your heart. Or at least mine.

And earlier, I tried to get her to go get ice cream with me from the Deli shop next to the White Swan. She tries to get Mom to go and Mom's like, I wanna play on the computer, if you want to go, go with Jie Jie. Mom tells me to go ahead and leave so I do. I go down the elevator, to the deli shop, get 2 small things of Haagen Dazs vanilla and a Haagen Dazs vanilla and almonds ice cream bar (for Mom) and as I'm walking out, there's my Mom and my baby sister. Mom goes 'see? I told you she wouldn't take long', and Reese KaiJin just gets this big grin. She knows when I have ice cream and I shoot to the top of the totem pole. :) I ask Mom what happened and she said after I left, Reese more or less threw herself on the floor and had a fit because she was missing a chance to "go some where". She is a going girl just like her sissy. And we think she missed me, because the other day, her and Mom headed back to the hotel while I went to go pick up something we'd ordered and Reese KaiJin wouldn't let them get on the elevator because she realized I was missing! It's so nice to be missed.

So she's wanting me to help more and is being sweeter and sweeter.

We didn't go to the pearl factory because the other family, the son had fallen asleep like 10 minutes before our meeting time, and Nan Rui is like Reese, when she falls asleep you go with it, and the Mom, Molly, wasn't feeling well. So they were going to skip. And we weren't going to buy anything so we opted not to go and just to go shopping and to Lucy's.

Tomorrow, we go to the Consulate to do the swearing ceremony. And like any American establishment, they have security out the rear. We can only take her some stuff in plastic bags and NO ELECTRONICS AT ALL. No cameras, cell phones, iPods, PDAs, laptops, pagers, etc., etc. Isn't it kind of sad that our government has pissed enough people off that we have to be that careful? *shrug* whatever.

Tomorrow, we have to go order a few more name paintings because we accidentally forgot a few people. oops.


Bryan said...

Woo Hoo! Only 2 more days, and you'll be HOME!!!!

We'll be at the airport with bells on!!!!

Love ya,
Kim, Bryan, Anna-Marie, & Savannah

PS: Enjoy your last few hours in Guangzhou! You'll end up missing it!!!

Annie said...

I was camping this weekend, so I hadn't checked your blog for awhile. Kai Jin is TOO cutte. I love her laugh on the video clips. I'm glad she is taking to you more and more. She certainly looks happy in the photos! Enjoy your last couple of days in China!



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