Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Pictures/videos I mentioned earlier...

About to run over Mom in her "Comfy Coupe"

Breakfast at Waffle House

My half-and-half tower. Jin-Jin loved this.

Handing hair bands to Jie Jie Michelle. Note the pigtails.

Lugging around poor Chi-Chi, who happened to get to go to the vet today to get fixed

Chi-Chi tolerates it so well.

You honestly have to feel sorry for poor Chidori (Chi-Chi)
Playing with her "ge ge" (big brother) Scott in her room on Saturday
Playing in the kitchen with a cat ball with Scott...and you can see the cats looking on, waiting for their chance.

Putting the cat ball in the paper towel tube to pop it out. Scott taught her to do that.

Cutie with a nice pair of sunglasses about to head down to Grandma's.

This video may be posted twice...if it is...sorry.

1 comment:

Annie said...

Love the update and photos (I'll have to wait til later to watch the video, it won't load on this computer) It sounds like there's been quite a bit of progress on the Daddy front! That's great. She looks happy.


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