Saturday, June 9, 2007

We're good and home!

Jie Jie Michelle, Jie Jie Monica, and Reese KaiJin playing Wednesday night.

Me passed out on the day bed in Reese' room Thursday afternoon with my cat, Chi-Chi.

Jin-Jin asleep on the floor with Elsie guarding her. She passed out, and so I elected to take a nap as well.

We are alive. Last night was the first night she semi-slept through the night. She fell asleep yesterday evening and slept til about 1:30 am. Then Mom got up with her and we dosed her up with benedryl (we all need sleep), tylenol (she got her shots yesterday), and anti-gas drops (she's gassy). We think all of those must have reacted with each other or something because about 3 am she woke up SCREAMING and NOTHING could get through to her. After a little while, she passed back out on Mom and all was well. She woke up again at about 6-ish, and has since eaten scrambled eggs and is goofing off.

Yesterday, she went to the pediatrician and they drew blood to do blood work. She has to go back Monday to get more blood drawn because they only got enough to do her CBC and that was all fine. So Dad and I get to take her back at 9:30 am Monday to (hopefully) get the rest of the blood. She also got her vaccinations redone because Dr. Stewart said (as we already knew) there was no telling if the vaccines she's had (she was up to date with China vaccines) were valid or not, so we're starting over. Then yesterday afternoon she went to the opthamologist at ACH and she was asleep on Mom's lap and Dr. Lowery shined a light in her eyes and made her most unhappy. She cried while he did it and then passed out again. We showed him the bottle of drops they have us and he said that in America, the red lid means dilation drops and he said her pupil is HUGE, so he thinks they are dilation drops and said to continue them (he also said we could cut back to twice a day if we wanted) until he could analyze her eye under sedation. We're having that done July 2nd. He's going to test her pressure and analyze her eye, see how things are. Then he'll decide what we should do drops-wise. So yesterday wasn't a happy day for her.

There aren't a whole lot of pictures, in fact, all the ones I'm posting were taken by Mom. I just really haven't felt like taking pictures lately (been too tired). Hopefully, soon, I'll feel like chasing kiddo with the camera again.

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Sarah Lu's Jie Jie said...

Yay!! So glad that your all home safe and adjusting! When we first brought Sarah Lu home she also had a similar reaction during the night where she seemed inconsolable. They were "night terrors", and our social worker said that was normal. She only had it a few times during about the fist month.
Oh, and the picture of Reese Kaijin with Elsie is TOO CUTE!!!! :)


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