Thursday, October 4, 2007

The "Glue Incident"

Her legs now, still spotty, but not blistered or scabbed or anything.

After the "glue incident", her hair looks kinda clumpy. This is a few hours later, with some of the glue removed...and it dry.

Her pants after the "glue incident".
Yes, that is as messy as it sounds.

In a message my mom sent out to our Journey To Reese Yahoo! Group (I'm using this since she was there for this, I wasn't.):
"Our latest adventure was Monday. When we picked Reese up from school I almost didn't recognize of her classmates had decided she would look better with GLUE dumped over her head, and the aide was sopping it out of her hair with a baby wipe (not very effective in case you are wondering). Glue everywhere-hair, ears, face, clothes..... we made an executive decision to take her the children's hospital ER. Since it appeared that any glue that got in her eyes was in the left one, the doctors decided to irrigate her eye just to make sure the glue was gone. That is just as much fun as it sounds-none! We had to hold her down while they used a little metal thingy to prop her eye open, and they ran a whole bag of IV solution over her eyeball. She came through it okay and no harm done, she was even pretending to use the IV to wash our eyes out before we got our papers to go home."

There ya go. That's about it.

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Anonymous said...

Poor thing....having to make a trip to the ER due to the acts of another child toward her. I am glad she came through it okay.



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