Sunday, March 30, 2008

Savannah's Birthday Party

Reese's future fiancee, Ben
Raeghan and Reese
Running around and having fun
Ben and his mama, Paula (isn't he cute? LOL)
Savannah opening presents...
Watching Mr. Bryan read a story
Mr. Bryan
Sitting on Mommy's shoulders (and wearing make-up...after all, it was a dress-up party).
Eating cake (also pictured is Riley)
Reese and Rachael gathering candy...and getting hit by it falling, LOL. Didn't even phase them.

Our friend's daughter, Savannah R., had her 3rd birthday at a local library yesterday. It was a "dress-up" party, and her dad, Bryan, read books. Savannah will be 3 in early April and has been home for roughly a year and a half from Kunming, Yunnan, PRC.

Reese had a great time and warmed up to the whole situation in time to have lots of fun. She's really opening up now, when she knows the people around. That's a good sign. Reese likes running and playing, but what 3 year old doesn't?

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