Sunday, April 6, 2008

And This Is Why We Say No...

Yes, we survived in tact (along with all of our stuff) the Thursday night storms here. It's quite stressful, being told there is a potential tornado coming at you 3 times in about 4 hours.

Anyway, the reason for the title. While I was asleep this morning, Reese was helping Dad make breakfast (a breakfast I don't much care for, so they let me sleep). She loves to watch people cook. Anyway, Dad told her this and this and this burner are hot, so DON'T TOUCH! But, Reese, being a part of our family and as hard-headed as any of us, decided to touch it to see if Dad was telling the truth or not. Sadly, he was. So Reesey burned her right hand. Mom quickly put it under cold running water and applied aloe vera and gave her a dose of Tylenol 3 with Codeine from her last laser treatment to ease off the pain. Well, in the next roughly an hour, the pain got worse before the meds kicked in, so there were some periods of wailing and 'OWWWies". Finally, Dad was sent to the store after some Foille, which has some numbing agent and is for burns and is what I always got growing up when I some how got sunburned. The pharmacy didn't have any, but our pharmacist recommended some burn cream with linocaine in it. It helped numb it, and Reese got to hold Mom's M&M ice pack. She went down for a nap about 1:15 and didn't pass out until about 2. When she woke up, she was feeling much better and talked Dad into a band-aid, which she was wailing for during the original episodes. After all, when you're 3 band-aids are a cure-all. Our pharmacist told us today would be the worst and not much would help because the nerves on the fingers are so close to the surface so we're keeping her medicated until tomorrow...when we will probably run out of Tylenol 3. It's just a 1st degree burn, no cause for panic out there. She'll be okay. But I bet she never touches the stove when some one tells her not to again.

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