Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sorry, I've Been Away...

Not to post anyway, really.

But I've been knocked on my butt by a heavy-duty antibiotic until last Tuesday due to a skin infection, and then, come Wednesday night, my throat started hurting. By Thursday, I was about ready to keel over, I felt so miserable. I fought through dance class and come Friday morning, I was at the doctor's office. They swabbed my throat, but said it was most likely viral. Saturday and Sunday, my throat wasn't hurting really any more, but my sinuses and nose are still messed up. Monday I find out I don't have strep, lucky me, but I still feel miserable. So apparently, I have the virus/cold from hell. I swear, I haven't blown my nose and used decongestant so much in forever. And my ears feel weird, like there's a constant pressure there. It sucks. It feels like I constantly need to pop my ears. And my nose is stopped up something awful.

So there's my excuse for lack of posts, aside from next to nothing happening.

Oh, there is some news. Mom is working on becoming Catholic, and Reese shall (eventually) be baptized Catholic. I went to Catholic schools for 6.5 years (5.5 primary, 1 high school), and Mom had tried once before, and it just didn't work out at the time. I had the chance to become Catholic when I was younger and opted out. I'm still not Catholic, and I am not converting, but there are lots of things about Catholicism I do like- like the rosary. It's a cool idea. A lot of our friends are Catholic, so yeah, it's kind of an obvious choice, I suppose. And Reese will be going to my primary school alma mater starting next year, most likely. That's our biggest news for right now, though.

Oh, and Reese turns 4 a week from tomorrow! Wow, I can't believe she'll be FOUR!

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Stacey said...

Sorry you have been sick. I have been wondering why you haven't posted in so long. I hope you recover quickly. I think it's great your mom and Reese are working on becoming Catholics. Good luck!


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