Friday, December 12, 2008

8 Favorite Things

I was tagged by Donna from Lena and Macey. I may be the only person in the world who loves doing these things... *shrug*

8 Favorite TV shows:
*Jon and Kate Plus 8
*Criminal Minds
*Blood Ties
*The Big Bang Theory

8 Things I look forward to:
*Dance class
*Getting done with High School
*Sleeping in
*Chinese Food
*Dance competitions and performances
*When Reese outgrows this whiny phase
*The next AFI album
*Turning 18 (8 days, baby!)

8 Things on my wish list:
*Get a toned body
*Nintendo DS and games and one of those cases for the DS and your stuff that looks like something James Bond carries around and is hopefully just as indestructible...
*A new, well, new to me, car
*To get all of my dances into Novice
*To go back to China
*To travel to Ireland and Scotland
*To be able to decide what to do for college
*A Mac laptop

8 Things I did yesterday:
*Went to dance class
*Did algebra 2
*Ate pizza and breadsticks
*Slept with my cats
*Listened to music
*Played on my computer
*Took a shower
*Wished algebra was far more appealing than it is

8 Favorite Restaurants:
*Fu Lin's
*U.S. Pizza Co.
*Senor Tequila
*Panda Garden
*Cracker Barrel
*Kobe (or any variation thereof, lol= Japanese steakhouses)
*Chick-fil-a (does that count? :?)
*Planet Smoothie :P

8 People I Tag:


Stacey said...

I have never eaten at a Chick-fil-a or even heard of it until my cousins moved here from Georgia. They really, really, really miss it. One of their friends from Georgia sent them a sandwich in the mail. It must be good!

Cheryl D. said...

I don't comment often enough, but I just wanted to say "thanks" for chronicling(sp?) our lives. I can't believe you will be EIGHTEEN in one week; where did the time go?! The journey to get your little sister would not have been the same without your perspective :-) Love you lots, and always!Mom


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