Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Oireachtas 2008

The first (I think) weekend of December we went to Orlando for the Southern Region Oireachtas (ah-rock-tus), which is basically regional competitions for Irish dance. I went as part of a 4 hand for our uber-awesome dance school, the McCafferty School of Irish Dance.

We went down by Daytona Beach, so Dad could see the race track there, and we could take Reese for her first beach experience. She loved the beach, and kept asking to go back. So Mom has finally gotten her water baby. I feel seaweed against me, and I'm gone, up where I can see what is playing with my feet. Reese loved it. Mom had to pick her up at one point because the wave got too big and would've hit Reese and gotten her very wet. Mom picked her up and ran with her to shallower water, it was funny.

We went from there to Orlando to our hotel. We stayed at the host hotel, the J.W. Marriott, which was -really- fancy and HUGE. We watched people dance on Saturday, and on Sunday, our 4 hand competed. We didn't place, but it was a very fun experience. The not-so-fun part was the constant headache and pull of the wig on my head. They stuck a sock under my wig to make the headband look better, and, well, my wig is not made for having more than just my head and hair crammed under it. Ow...

And let me tell you, Orlando to Arkansas is a LONG drive. As Reese said: "This takes forever." And I had to agree.

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amy said...

Precious pics..My family lives in Dayonta/New Smyrna Beach



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