Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas With Our Sisters...

On the 27th, Reese and my older sisters, Michelle and Wendy, came over with their broods. They're Dad's daughters from a previous marriage. Michelle has Kaci, 12, Brandon, 6, and Jonathan, who is 10 months, I believe. Wendy has Beth, 13, Brittany who is 10, I think, and Sierra, who is 1.5 years old. They came over for dinner and presents and camraderie. We had chicken 'n dumplings and chili. Reese got a plush puppy, that is something like an American Girl doll with all the accessories you can buy for it, from what I understand. It's a pug and cute. I got a Sigg water bottle that I'd been drooling over at Whole Beans And Oats, as we refer to it, commonly known as Whole Foods (before it was Whole Foods, it was Wild Oats, before that, when I was little, it was Beans And Grains, so Whole Beans And Oats). Mom got the book Multiple Bles8ings by Jon and Kate Gosselin from Jon & Kate Plus 8, a show we love to watch. Really good book, I recommend it. And Dad got jeans, which he needed. I got Mom a Little People Nativity set the night before for her Christmas present, after thinking Wal-Mart didn't have it, but they had one left on the top shelf. Yay. And it was like $15 off. These things are so cute, and you can let the kids play with them. Sierra and Jonathan, Reese and my niece and nephew, had fun with them, chewing on them, carrying them around. And Mom loves it, she's been wanting one for years. Reese likes to play with it, too.

We got Sierra and Jonathan these Glowing-Seahorses. They're like Gloworms, but they're seahorses, and their bellies light up instead of their heads. And, like the new Gloworms (read: not like the one I slept with at naptime in Pre-K and Kindergarten :P ), they make noise, soft little noises. And the seahorses have bubbly noises mixed in with the music. They were so cute, and they were my idea. :) So yeah, cute.

Michelle and her husband took Jonathan to the after-hours clinic, Brandon stayed with us to play with Reese, and Kaci went with my other sister. Jonathan was diagnosed with double pneumonia. No fun at all.

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