Monday, February 9, 2009

Some Older Pictures

Christmas 2008. The first time Chen Le willingly let Reese pet her. She's done it a few times since then.
This is Reese with Dermablend make up on. The lady at Dillard's didn't do much around her eye, so you can still see her birthmark there, but other than that, it's like she doesn't have a birthmark! We love her as she is, but there's been some insecurity as of late, so we decided to look into it. She's not wearing it all the time now, as we only have a tiny sample bottle. But we're looking into it. It's a nice match.
At the Ozark Mountains Feis a few weeks ago...listening to Mom's iPod.
Playing with her friend, Audra, in the empty boxes the trophies came in while we were helping to set up the Feis.

These are all cell phone pictures I found in my mom's "cell phone pics" file in her email. So that's why the small size and rough quality.

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