Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Making Cookies...

This is a picture from about a week ago. That's Chi-Chi, our saint cat. :P She's "Reese's cat".
Reese helped Mom make cookies the other night. She loves helping cook. Well, they never actually made the cookies, because Reese decided just the dough was fine. Who needed cookies?

She loved helping, though. Putting ingredients in, and mixing. Mom let her do it in the swimming suit we bought her last summer. She loves wearing swimsuits, and loves swimming even though we don't go swimming often at all because I burn so easily.

And yes, Reese has glasses. She got them a couple of weeks ago, but she hasn't been wearing them in any of the pictures I've taken (Mom actually took the cookie-making pictures), so I hadn't thought about it. She doesn't wear them real often just yet. She complains they hurt her ears, which they probably do, as she has no callous back there or anything. The more she wears them, the less they'll hurt. She has to get used to them, though.

I also signed up for my college classes this fall on Monday. Right now, my plan is to go into nursing, so we based some of my choices around that. Like Psych. I'm taking College Algebra, Mandarin Chinese 1, Cultural Anthropology, Psychology and the Human Experience (or something like that. Basically Intro to Psych.), and Honors Composition. 2 classes on Tuesday, Thursday, and 3 on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. And I'm out of class every day by...2 pm, I think.

And another thing that just occurred to me last night as I was going to sleep that I thought some of you might find funny. I do. Some of the things Reese mispronounced when we first got her, still get mispronounced (on purpose) around here. Like we still sometimes refer to our cats as "kennies", instead of "kitties". Reese couldn't say "kitty" for the longest time there. Of course, that 'it' sound doesn't exist in Chinese. 'En' does. One of our cats is named Elsie, short for Elspeth, not that she ever gets called that. 'El' is another sound that doesn't happen in Chinese. Reese called her "Yao-sie" (yow-see). She can now say Elsie, but Elsie has since been given the nickname Yaosie, and still gets called that at times, along with her other, more expected nicknames: El, Els.

It's just funny how things like that stick. I remember, Reese used to say "Danny" instead of "Daddy". As of late, she says it "Da-tee'. With emphasis on the 'tee'. It's intentional, and now she and dad have a game of it. "Da-tee." "Reese-tee." It's cute.

And of course, I'm still "Monca". There's no 'i' in my name, and never had been with Reese. Who knows if I'll ever get my second vowel back? :D

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