Monday, December 7, 2009

Good Karma Squeakers!

Good Karma Squeakers is being kind enough to donate to our local FCC's Chinese New Year Silent Auction in 2010. We're so excited! They have some amazingly cute squeaky shoes. Some of them are so cute, I wish my feet would fit in them. Boys and girls shoes. There's a pair of absolutely precious hot pink squeaky boots for girls, and ADORABLE little leopard print Mary Janes (leopard print is very popular right now...and cute).


Anonymous said...

Hi Monica,
Thanks for passing along a good word regarding Good Karma Squeakers! We are pleased to donate a pair of shoes and support you local FCC Chapter. As a reminder, we are offering free shipping on all orders through the end of the year.

Happy Holiday's to you and your family!

Doug Hehn
Good Karma Squeakers

Stacey said...

I know the people who started "Good Karma Squeakers." They live near us. I'm glad they donated to your FCC event!


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