Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Party

Working on her placemat

Playing with the jump rope her teacher got all the kids as a gift

Hugging her teacher

Trying to hide from the camera, lol

Reese had her kindergarten Christmas party today. It's hard to believe her kindergarten year could be halfway over! Joseph and I went to help, Mom was going to come, but she lost an uncle earlier this week and had to drive up to help with visitation. But Reese wasn't lacking for people! She had 2! :) They made placemats to eat on, played "Santa, Santa, Where is Rudolf?" which is where someone turns around where they can't see and the teacher picks someone else to hide the reindeer plushie somewhere on their body (most kids sat on it) and the person who couldn't look has to guess who has it, then they ate snacks and got letters from Santa Claus who had visited earlier in the day. Then they played a variety of "hot potato" for who got to get their gift from her teacher, Mrs. P.  Everyone got one, it was just a matter of what order. They all got jump ropes as a present from their teacher, so we all went outside to try them out. Reese is pretty good, she just doesn't really get more than one good jump. But that jump is good!

It was a sweet party and for the most part she's had a good year. We've had some trouble, according to Reese, about bigger kids being "scared" of her and her birthmark, but best as we can figure, that's chilled out as we haven't heard anything else about it. Hopefully, it will stay that way as long as she's in this school. And hopefully by the time she's in middle school, people will be intelligent enough, but middle school is rough so that's doubtful. But we'll deal with that when we get there.

Today is also our Mom's birthday. Happy birthday, Mommy!

It is also 1 year until Joseph and I get married. :o Interesting to think about. :)

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