Thursday, September 6, 2012

More Pictures!

This is a picture of Ana-Cherie that I cropped down. I believe this was fall of 2011 (so she was 3).

While blurry, this is our most recent shot of sweet A-C. A family who just got their daughter on the 22nd of August snapped this one. She's so tiny!

She's so little! We're guessing size-wise she'll maybe be a 4T next summer when we travel (gosh, that seems like forever away!). She's about 30 lbs and 42 inches tall last update we had. And adorable. Did I mention adorable? Love those little pigtails.


Kristi said...

Oh my goodness! I've missed a LOT!
Congratulations to you guys!
I'll be getting tuned back in to stay on top of this journey!

Monica said...

You really aren't that behind. We just started entertaining the idea in July, and it was completely up in the air as to whether or not China would say yes. But, yup, here we go again!

Thanks for the comment!


Karla said...

This is so exciting! Our son was also at the YinChuan CWI. He has been home for 14 months. I will be excited to watch your journey. I blogged about our adoption journey, let me know if you would like an invite to read about our experience. (sister dot stirling at gmail dot com.)


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